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So you want to install a prepaid electricity meter on your property and not sure which route to go? You could apply for a municipal prepaid meter directly from the municipality, or you could install a sub-meter from ICEE Metering Solutions Pty Ltd. As suppliers and installers of prepaid electricity sub-meters, we understand the industry and processes involved in each option. Here are the differences between a municipal prepaid meter and a sub-meter.

Municipality Meter Privately owned sub-meters
Only 1 meter on the premise is allowed and you need an existing supply from the municipality Any amount of meters are allowed on the same premises however the meter does not replace the primary meter from the municipality
Apply directly from the municipality Apply via any metering company that supply sub-meters
Normally a 6 to 8 week waiting period Normally a 1 week waiting period
Mostly for owners Mostly for tenants
Difficult to control non paying tenants Control your non paying tenant by making use of the functions of the prepaid meter ect. Soft block or debt collecting via the prepaid meter
No reporting functions Accurate reporting on a monthly basis

Take note: Because the municipal system does not cater for prepaid solutions in sub letting situations, the service is provided by private institutions - therefore the use of private software. The access to this software is made available at a 15% vending fee of electricity purchases and has been approved by Eskom (eg. R100 voucher will provide electricity to the value of R85).

So, when do I apply for a SUB-METER??