* How does it work?
When a consumer purchase an uni pin voucher and requests a token he has to provide his meter number. A request is sent to us and we send the token back for the requested amount. The money is paid into our trust account, which we -in turn- pay to the landlord, body corporate trust account or, (who ever pays the municipality). The consumer takes his token and punches it into the meter. The meter is now updated with a fixed amount of electricity to be released until it runs out with which the meter will then disconnect the electricity supply and the consumer then has to buy another token.
* What does prepaid electricity cost me?
The meter is a once-off price. There after the electricity price charged covers the cost of electricity that the municipality charges plus the costs involved in providing prepaid electricity vouchers or tokens which is 15%. Included in the price is a fee charged by ICEE Metering Solutions Pty Ltd which covers the costs of all the services provided including the secure connection between your meter number and the ICEE Metering Solutions Pty Ltd host computer.
* When would you apply for a Sub Prepaid Meter?
  • There is a single dwelling on a property, occupied by tenants.
  • The second dwelling on a property is occupied by tenants.
  • There are multiple dwellings on a property, and all of the dwellings (main and sub dwellings) are occupied by tenants
* When should you NOT apply for a Sub Prepaid Meter?
  • There is a single dwelling on a property, occupied by the Owner him/herself
* Where to buy tokens
Tokens are available from all uni pin outlets (Sasol Garage, BP Express, Engen Garage, Spar and also from the Nedbank ATM) Tokens are also available online via www.prepaid24.co.za Emergency tokens can also be purchased directly from ICEE Metering Solutions Pty Ltd
* Whose property will the pre-paid meters be?
It will be the property of the entity that has purchased them.
* Who will be responsible for replacement of faulty meters?
The supplier issue the meters with a 1 year guarantee which we will replace free of charge (t&c apply)
* Do you have an after hour call centre where residents can contact you for assistance?
Yes we have someone on standby weekdays until 10pm and weekends. Please check our website for standby hours
* What will the deposit be for each unit if a pre-paid meter is used?
There will be no deposit required from us, but refer to your lease agreement
* Where can prepaid electricity be purchased?
It can be purchased at any UNIPIN outlet (garages and Spar) or you can register on www.prepaid24.co.za.
* Can electricity usage at a unit be restricted on request of an owner?
The prepaid meter is by law a recovering mechanism, meaning we can recover water, levies and even monthly rent on our meters.
* Please highlight any penalty/risks/negative clauses in your contract?
Prepaid tampering fine – R1000
* What is the vending charge on the prepaid electricity tariff?
15% vending fee is charged on all electricity tariffs.
* What types of Meters are there?
Single Phase Meters (Domestic) Three Phase Meters (Commercial) Split Meters
* How quickly can services be obtained?
As soon as we have received the application form and proof of payment the prepaid meter will be installed within 5 working days.
* Can I use my own Contractor to install a Meter?
Yes, we can give you the option of supply only or fully installed, however the warrenty will then expire
* What happens when there is a change between an old and a new tenant?
It is a prepaid meter so any credit left on the meter will remain there and the new tenant can just move in and start to purchase electricity
* After the prepaid meter is installed, what will happen with my council account?
It is important that you are aware we are a sub metering company and NO COMPANY can replace the council meter, only the Council can. We will pay all recoveries on a monthly basis into the account supplied to us in the agreement form (payments will be